Aerial Drone Camera 4K HD

Aerial Drone Camera using DJI’s Phantom 3 Professional for 4K HD Photos and Video is available for your next project.

SWaT Production LLC offers aerial photography at 12 megapixels and 4K aerial video via DJI’s Phantom 3 Pro. This drone has incredible range, stability, and live pilot viewing. We now offer aerial drone HD video services for all of your projects, including: music videos, short films, commercials, demonstrations, engagements and weddings, action sports, neighborhood aerial research, property and roof inspections, search and rescue, product promotion, real estate listing enhancement, farming assistance, stunts and record-breaking attempts recordings, and much more.

Quadcopter drone camera systems are a much safer and more cost-effective way to record aerial footage. Expensive and dangerous helicopters are no longer required to capture incredible photo and video detail from the sky. Contact us today to see how easy a camera in the sky can be.