Q. “What advice do you have for someone looking to hire a video production company?”
A. Beware of the deal that seems too good to be true. Your provider should be answering your questions fully, they should be forthcoming and up front with what affects cost, and they should be honestly telling you how easy or difficult some aspects of your production might be. Basically, you should be comfortable trusting them with your important project, and it always helps your confidence when your provider offers a complete money-back guarantee. It also helps to feel more confident knowing your video production professional is going to be reliable, friendly, helpful, as well as insured.

Q. “Why shouldn’t I just go with a cheap amateur, or perhaps even a family member?”
A. Consumer and prosumer video cameras do not have the image sensor required to produce a high quality HD video stream. However, many discount videographers are using that very equipment for weddings, commercials, and live events. While those older and lower-quality cameras may be able to get the job done, for only a few dollars more you can get a final product that exceeds your expectations. For those once-in-a-lifetime live events, you need an experienced and trusted professional that can shoot well and edit well. It shouldn’t be left to chance.

Q. “How does SWaT Production’s work stand out from others?”
A. Professional high definition video used to be out of reach for most individuals and small-to-medium businesses. Now that video has become so important for sales and marketing, it is crucial to have a competent and reliable video company providing HD video production on a budget, no matter the size of your project. If business growth is important, video production is an essential element of that goal.

Q. “What have been the best client responses?”
A. There’s not much that compares to the moment when a client gets emotional while viewing the final product. They feel like they can almost reach out and touch the friends and family members. They relive the moment like they traveled back in time to that very day. Their memories will be strong and vivid for countless generations.

Q. “Can I get a quote?”
A. The obvious answer is “Yes,” but it is very important we have all the details about your project in order to provide a reasonable range of cost. The more we know about what you are trying to achieve, the more accurate our quote will be. We don’t want to surprise you with extra costs down the road. If you know your budget, we can tell you what to expect within that constraint. If you know the exact details of what you need, we can tell you what it will cost to achieve your objectives.

Q. “Who is behind the cameras?”
A. Founder Tim Huston has been in the Information Technology (I.T.) industry since 1982. The increasing demands for technical expertise in the field of all-digital video has grown exponentially with the advent of high definition and its accompanying increase in digital warehousing capacity requirements. It can be difficult for clients to comprehend the amount of data that must be crunched when processing and storing HD video. It can also be debilitating to other video production companies who are hesitant to make the all-digital plunge. We embrace it.

Q. “What is the story behind the company?”
A. Tim has always had a fascination with video. In 2002, he began to produce corporate videos for his employer which proved entertaining, motivational, as well as inspirational. When Sony began to manufacture the PMW-EX1 line of all-digital high definition video cameras, he knew the technology had finally arrived where he would be comfortable starting a business with equipment that produces professional results on a budget. He wanted to bring the high quality that HD video brings to those that traditionally might not be able to afford it. The level of satisfaction to those customers has been phenomenal.

Q. “Any recent work that is particularly notable?”
A. We provided high definition video production for a U.S. Navy serviceman memorial service in 2009. We were honored to help create a vivid, lasting memory of a great American and true patriot. Our military provides a peace of mind that many take for granted. SWaT Production appreciates their sacrifice allowing us to peacefully provide these HD video services to others.

Q. “Is there a complicated pricing system?”
A. All projects can be customized to your exact needs, and pricing is kept as simple as possible. Anything affecting cost is disclosed and approved in advance. We have some standard wedding videography packages starting from $850. Those packages can be customized, as well.

Q. “If someone wanted to get into this profession, what advice would be given?”
A. If you are already out there shooting and editing video, and you’re having fun with it, then this may be the career choice you have always dreamed about. If you find a job with which you’re absolutely passionate, you’ll never work another day in your life. While very demanding and often requiring fast thinking on your feet, video production has many tremendous rewards, incredible variety, and wonderful benefits. It’s a great way to meet a diverse number of interesting people.

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