Denver Bronco’s Wesley Woodyard Hosts 3rd Annual Toy Drive in 2012

Denver Broncos and the Mayor of Denver hosted a toy drive in December, 2012, to give back to the community and make Christmas brighter for needy families. SWaT Production LLC was requested to provide HD video coverage of the event.

You can find out more about the 16Ways Foundation by clicking here.

Kinetic Movement Dance Academy Recital Highlights

Here are some highlights from the recent KMDA dance recital. SWaT Production LLC was selected to produce DVDs for the academy’s performance.

You can learn more about KMDA at their website here.

Realty Video Contest Entry

SWaT Production LLC once again collaborated with Diamond Realty, LLC to produce a fun video for PEMCO’s annual contest. This time, we employed the aid of a genie, but with disastrous results!

Diamond Realty’s official website can be found here.

Basketball Highlights, Pro Résumé

Alexis Sones recently hired SWaT Production LLC to edit her basketball highlight reel for consideration by professional basketball teams. Over 15 hours of footage was culled and collected for inclusion in this video. Alexis can hoop it up!